What Was The Impact Of The First World War On Ireland

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Kate Kelly, 13455112.
What effect did the First World War have on the emergence of Australia and Ireland as independent nation states?
The First World War was a crucial episode in the history of both modern Australia and modern Ireland. Today, we will look at how both Australia and Ireland each responded to the outbreak of this war, and at some of the battles in which these nations fought. We will examine the impact that the First World War had upon both Australian and Irish society at the time, and their progress towards independent nationhood. In Australia, we will primarily focus on the political and industrial turmoil, and in Ireland, we will focus on rebellion and the advance of separatist nationalism.
In Australia, the outbreak of the war was met with much enthusiasm, best seen in the response of the Australian Prime Minister
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The post-war period saw unprecedented levels of demands for Ireland’s agricultural and industrial produce, as continuing shortages of food and demand for consumer goods stimulated the market. The volatile and violent political context of the period caused economic hardship in many rural areas, with restrictions on travel and on markets imposed by the security forces. More seriously, there was a vicious and costly policy adopted by the security forces of burning down co-operative creameries in retaliation for attacks on police or troops in nationalist strongholds, with the hope that economic attacks like these would undermine support for the nationalists. Additionally, the partition of Ireland between two antagonistic governments separated the most industrial region of the country from the more agricultural-based areas of the south and west. The War of Independence also caused immense damage to the economy and transport infrastructure, leaving the costly task of creating stability and rebuilding. Again, the war had a significantly negative impact on the Irish
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