What Was The Industrial Revolution All About?

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The Industrial Revolution 1. What was the industrial revolution all about? The Industrial Revolution initially began in Britain and spread throughout Europe, North America and the rest of the world. It was a period of great change brought on by advancements in technologies and increases in trade, agriculture, mining, manufacturing and population growth. These advancements changed the structure of society at that time and changed the economy, which had been based on the land and manual labour, to an economy based on manufacturing by machines. Before the revolution, people had mainly made a living from working on the land and so they lived in rural areas. New technologies, inventions, methods, ideas and materials meant that things could be produced more efficiently and cheaper than ever before and people moved from rural areas to the cities to work in factories that supported the manufacturing industry. The revolution totally changed the way that people lived and worked in every way. The invention of steam power generated power for factories and provided improvements and cost efficiencies for the transport and mining industries. Advancements in agricultural methods and machinery increased food supply and affordability. The development of canals and railways allowed for quicker transport networks. Improvements in machinery in the textile industry allowed for higher production at much lower costs. Banks also provided loans for business investments. 2. When did it occur?
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