What Was The Lenoir City

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Lenoir City tennessee was founded in the early 1800’s by William B. Lenoir. William B. Lenoir was a general in the Battle of King's Mountain and was rewarded 5000 acres of land which to us is now known as Lenoir City TN. Later in General Lenoir's life he dedicated this land to his son Major William B. Lenoir who moved here in the year 1810. Major Lenoir had many successful business going on from his thriving plantation to his well known cattle and hog production in the year of 1821. Before his death in 1852 Major Lenoir also contributed a well producing cotton and flour mill. After Lenoir's death his 4 sons formed William Lenoir and son and controlled 2700 acres of land but later sold it to The Lenoir City Company which later incorporated
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