What Was The Major Cause Of The Industrial Revolution

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The Industrial Revolution was the major factor in the change of landscape and the structure of Britain, the transition to a new process of manufacturing. It was a great influence and start to a new economic change. Things went from being handmade and taking days to make to a factory that would cut time. William E. Montgomery and Andres Tijerina described how the Industrial Resolution changed Britain. People were able to make machinery that would improve the productivity of one, it went form hand-made production to machines and many other forms of production. The first development of factories came to be in the last year of the eighteen centuries. The new industrialization made middle class become larger, there were factory owners and industrial capitalist. Though, the working conditions were not the best during the industrial revolution people would still be willing to work as long as they got paid for their labor. The owners who were interested in making profits from their products allowed children to work, they were paid less than the adults. Matthew White on the article “The Industrial Revolution,” the industrial revolution increased the population of Britain and the amount of food that was produced. Industrial Revolution began in…show more content…
It was the transition of hand-made products to a new manufacturing process, which would be more efficient and cut down time on products being made. The steam engine was and important invention they powered the first trains, steamboats, and factories. The people were able to have an extra source of energy. We are able to have a large population in the world and have necessities, the factories were able to help us accomplish that. The industrial production was great, but it still had negative effects: it caused major air pollution, unsafe, long hours. The industrial revolution was able to let humans do less of the hard-physical labor than the generations before
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