What Was The Most Import Thing On The Reading?

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MANIC Discussions What was the Most import thing in the reading? “Most: (Schloss, P. J;, & Cragg, K. M., 2013) stated in the postsecondary context, the rights of access to and privacy for educational records belong to the student.” It is interesting how parents will make the statement that I am the one paying the bills so I should be able to have access to their academic records. When I was in school, I did not like when the fall semester ended because I knew that grades would be mailed home. My grades were actually sent to my parents. The mail stated to the parents of Charles Holloway and in it contained by grades, and it never failed that grades would come on December 23rd or 24th, and all of my friends mothers would call each other so there was no statement that grades were sent. I do understand the need for privacy, but I will also state that I am glad there are some exceptions made or when student give their permission to talk with others on campus about their children’s academic or college experiences. Also the thing that I learned that is quite interesting is that at times, you may have had a student that has come from a battered or divorce situation and one parent may not even know that the student is enrolled in the school and records or identification are only on a need to know bases. What was something you Agree/Apply with in the reading? “Agree: ((Schloss, P. J., & Cragg, K. M., 2013) stated that institutional culture and organization play
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