What Was The New Deal A Success

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The New Deal Success Essay It was the the year 1929 and many people are now beginning to worry about their money and their future. U.S. stock markets are crashing. In 1931, over 8 million Americans are unemployed. The county had frustrating months. President Roosevelt would have to solve the nation’s problems. I have done research about Roosevelt’s fireside chat and other things.The reader should trust me because the New Deal was a success. The New Deal was a success because of the hot lunches, the Fireside Chat, and a big employment of the Native Americans. The hot lunches was part of the success of the New Deal because of its great benefits to many people. Many many children were living without food. Some starving and dying. “In the…show more content…
Many Native Americans were employed. John Collier, a leading social reformer and Commissioner of Indian Affairs in 1933, pushed Congress to make he IECP. That is the Indian Emergency Conservation Program. The IECP is a program that employed more than 85,000 Indians.John Collier also made sure that CCC, NYA, WPA, and PWA hired Native Americans. That was a great benefit for the Native Americans. “In 1934, Collier convinced Congress to pass the Indian Reorganization Act, which provided money for tribes to purchase new land” (Stevens al et.). That is another benefit for Native Americans. Native Americans were now allowed to purchase new lands with provided money. Americans did not have a great history with Native Americans. In 1838, Andrew Jackson passed an Indian Removal Act which forced over 20,000 Americans out of their lands. They were sent to an area in present-day Oklahoma. It is estimated that 4,000 Native Americans died. Now the New Deal is allowing Native Americans purchase lands. “About seventy-five of the tribal corporations are now functioning with varying degrees of success, and the number continues to grow” (Stevens al et.). That quote says that around seventy-five of the tribal corporations are now functioning with many ways of success and numbers are continuing to grow. There are some Native Americans that are successful. “The Northern Cheyennes have a very successful livestock…show more content…
All of that helped a lot of people greatly and it affected their lives possibly better. The Great Depression gave families and people hard times and the New Deal ease those times.This matters today because some people would be in a very different spot if the New Deal hasn’t
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