What Was The Result Of The Opium War

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"The Treaty of Nanjing, signed in 1842 at the end of the Opium War, opened China to foreign trade." ('Nanjing') The Opium War is still relevant till this day, because of the opening of 5 International Trade ports. (China's trade) This was not the only result of the Opium War, but I believe it to be the most relevant till this day and has brought China prosperity. Other results of the Opium War, as we discussed in class, include the cession of Hong Kong to the British, over 25 million in silver, fixed tariff by the British, extraterritoriality for the British (and later on, Americans) , and “Most favored nation” states. Britain’s experiences also encouraged America to make certain agreements alongside China, so they also could be able to continue…show more content…
You may be asking yourself, why did opium even become an object of trade? Well, Opium originally started becoming an object of trade when, "Western traders, including those from the United States, had long sought a variety of Chinese products (including furniture, silk and tea), but found there were few products that China wanted from the West."(The Opening to China Part I: the First Opium War, the United States, and the Treaty of Wangxia, 1839–1844) Before the war, Opium was very highly used in trade, because the British couldn't find any other values which China wanted from them. The opium started to become addictive to the Chinese creating a greater connection between Canton and Guangxi Guangdong region. But Opium soon became unwanted in China because of the addictions, a majority of the population, was just lethargic and also all of the silver in China was being poured into the British banks through the Opium trade. "The sums of money circulating in the southeast because of the opium trade and the stock piling of silks and teas for export in turn brought heightened official corruption and a rise in state revenues from transit dues and from taxation of legitimate foreign trade”. (Spencer
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