What Was The Right Religion For Me?

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It was not until my freshmen world geography class where I learned about the variety of religions, that I began to question what I truly believe in and what was the right religion for me. My parents being catholic passed on their religious beliefs and actions naturally to me. I grew up with the same catholic stories and traditions for ages and I never really understood it as a child, therefore I never really believed in them. For the majority of my life I heard these stories, beliefs, and practices but never dedicated myself to them because I had inhabited a general and open prospect in life. After learning about the vast majority of culture and religions that other people practiced I spark of wonder came upon me as if I needed to know more about the other beliefs that there were. At this moment I truly realized that the Catholic religion was basically forced on me and I didn 't have the option to choose freely on what I want to believe in. An important tradition in Catholicism is attending a religious retreat. I had been trying to avoid participation in this retreat because I figured there would only be stuck-up, uptight, catholic people trying to force their beliefs on me and attempt to change me and expose me to a completely strict lifestyle. However, to not upset my parents, I agreed to go but I told myself that I would not participate in any of the activities, that I wouldn 't talk to anyone, and at the end of the day go home without my beliefs changing. On the ride to

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