What Was Your Favorite Place?

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Part I: Q: What was your favorite place to enjoy music in Detroit? Essay: It has always been a personal goal of mine to go to as many shows as I possibly can every year. To fulfill this goal I have sometimes force myself to go to shows I don 't even care about. Perfect example of this being October 8th—the Volbeat/Five Finger Death Punch show at Compuware. I know this show is going to be a mess when we pull up are waved away from the parking lot by a typical clueless security guard sporting with a “FULL” sign placed next to him. What kind of band books a venue that doesn 't even have enough parking spots to accommodate? We park a mile down the street and start our trek toward a building that looks like a place a middle school hockey team would play. I 'm not the biggest fan of crowds or even new alternative music, but few things top my love for people watching at rock shows. I have found that there are few places better than a rock show to people watch-- The blue jeans, band t-shirts, sweat, the mosh pits. I wonder what these people do when they 're not crowd surfing and drinking tall boys of Bud Light all night. I imagine that most of the men that are here work at one of the big three car companies, like my step-dad, who is work-hard-play-hard type of guy; a guy that is used to working 90 days at a time without a break working 12 hours a day. Bob wears a Black Label Society Label jacket, steel toe boots, and blue jeans—he fits right in. Underneath his tough

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