What Was Your First Experience With Gang Violence?

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Respondent: When I was 14 or 15. When I first experienced, what'd you say, violence?
Interviewer: (37:19) Gang violence.
Respondent: When I got put out of the house on 100s, and i had to fight the little boys that were jealous of me because I was their size, so they kept trying to pick on me. I just stood up to them and I fought them.
Interviewer: (37:58) But were they actually a gang, or just a bunch of kids from the neighborhood that were hanging together?
Respondent: No, they were a gang.
Interviewer: (38:09) That was your first experience with gang violence?
Respondent: Mm-hmm (agreement).
Interviewer: (38:12) This would have been after you left that first situation?
Respondent: Mm-hmm (agreement).
Interviewer: (38:18) What year would you say that was?
Respondent: What'd
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It was all on the news and stuff?
Respondent: Mm-mm (disagreement). Yes, Adarius. Yes. I remember that day. I didn't know him, but I knew about the situation.
Interviewer: (41:50) Were you attending school there at that time?
Respondent: Mm-mm (disagreement). I was there before him.
Interviewer: (41:59) Let's see what else we've got. Physical assault by the police. Did this happen more than once, or was this one time?
Respondent: Like twice.
Interviewer: (42:22) Tell me about the first time this happened. What was the situation.
Respondent: Second district, where me and my friends, I had beat a guy up.
Interviewer: (42:35) You had what?
Respondent: I had beat a guy up. I ran on top of the roof, and then they caught me. They let me go, but they got to beating me. I got a resisting arrest charge when I was 15 after I (43:03 inaudible) police brutality because they approached me, they didn't read my Miranda rights, and they didn't state what I was being arrested for. Then they forced me to the ground and scratched up my face.
Interviewer: (43:24) You said you were 15, right?
Respondent: Mm-hmm
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