Essay about What Was the Cold War?

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What Was The Cold War?
After World War II America and Russia became superpowers. Even thought they fought together against the Nazis they soon became hostile rivals. Between 1945 and
1989 the two countries and their allies were involved in a conflict known as the Cold War. The United States and the USSR never used weapons directly against each other. So how was the Cold War fought? The Cold War was fought through Proxy Wars, the Nuclear Arms Race, spying, strong words and threats, prestige, and the Space Race.
Both sides deeply mistrusted each other because they believed in two completely different types of government. The Eastern countries were run by a communist government, whereas the Western countries had democratic capitalist governments. The Western countries hated communism and believed that the USSR wanted to spread it throughout the world. They therefore did everything they could do to stop it from spreading. The mistrust made the East and West extremely suspicious of each other. Even though no shots were actually fired people were still scared that a nuclear war could start at any moment.
How Did The Cold War Start?
In 1917 the Bolshevik Party took control of Russia and turned it into a communist country. In 1923 Russia joined with three neighboring areas under Bolshevik control and formed the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic (USSR). In 1941 during World War II, Germany invaded the USSR. The United States, Britain and the USSR formed the Grand Alliance. Even…