What Way Should People Interpret How The Process Of Genocide Works?

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In what way should people interpret how the process of genocide works when coming across a statement from Adolf Hitler (1939) saying, “My pact with the Poles was merely conceived of as a gaining of time. As for the rest gentleman, the fate of Russia will be exactly the same as I am now going through with the case of Poland. After Stalin’s death…we will break the Soviet Union. Then there will begin the dawn of the German rule of the earth” ("Poland Will Be Depopulated and Settled with Germans” document). Judging by the content of that statement, one may interpret that genocide works as a process to break down another country. To some extent, that is correct but one must learn that this process encompasses strategies in order to achieve the downfall of a country. For one thing, to understand how genocide works, one needs to know what that term means. Genocide is an intentional physical or cultural act of eliminating the population of a specific national, ethnical, racial or religious group (Kiernan). Moving forward, the process of genocide works as a cycle of manipulation and elimination to intentionally remove a certain group of people. This cycle of manipulation was applied towards targeted groups and those who enforced the platform of genocide. Influence was a force intended to manipulate how people think, as well as obedience. Targeted groups were influenced to believe their harsh conditions would eventually come to an end by obeying any given instruction. Also, those who
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