What Ways Does Cultural Racism Manifest Itself?

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26-30) what ways does cultural racism manifest itself? Explain your answer do not just list them.
R- Cultural racism has been around for a long period of time. There is evidence of cultural racism during the time of great civilizations documented in our history books; such as Roman Empire, Greek Empire etc. This form of racism manifest itself in several ways. Certain cultures self-proclaimed superior to orders and they use that self-given authority to rule over smaller, weaker cultural identity. Certain views expressed of the Muslin culture in recent years can be viewed as a similar form of cultural racism.

31-35) In what ways does institutional racism affect the status and standing of minorities in American society? Be specific.
R -
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It is also a great social divide; the above-mentioned elements are some of the root causes of many stereotypes in today’s society. Welfare individuals are perceived as second class human beings.
46-48) How did wars actually help women’s roles in the work force?
R – According to stricking-women.org, “During WWI (1914-1918), large numbers of women were recruited into jobs vacated by men who had gone to fight in the war. New jobs were also created as part of the war effort, for example in ammunition factories. The high demand for weapons resulted in the ammunition factories becoming the largest single employer of women during 1918,” (Striking women.org). Its undeniable women’s contribution in world economy is substantial. Wars have been instrumental in changing women status in our society, changing them from working home moms to valuable assets in big corporations.
49-52) What are some of the myths about rape and how do these effects public perception?
R – Some of the myths related to rape are: many believe only women can get rape, they often assumed a woman cannot rape a man. Some individuals are oblivious that a man can’t rape his spouse, the statutes of limitations on rape is often misunderstood, to name a few.
53-57) What are the four most common reasons women do not report rape or attempted rape? Explain each one
a) – Women victims of rape are not always aware they have been rape. Some of them
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