What Ways Does Place Influence Education?

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In what ways does place influence education? What are some of the implications of this for teachers work? The quality of education in Australian primary schools is influenced by many factors, including geographical location. Place plays an integral role in ensuring students receive a fulfilled and inclusive education, but on the contrary, can also hinder the level of education students receive. Based on place, a vast number of schools in Australia have restricted access to resources, technology, services and social and physical infrastructure, which has and continues to lead to lower levels of educational achievement. The concept of thisness will also be explored, and how its components can significantly affect the education opportunities for students across Australia. Robert’s states that “on most indicators of social and educational achievement, rural schools tend to lag behind their metropolitan counterparts” (Roberts, 2014). This statement argues that place has substantial influences and impacts on the education that students receive in primary schools throughout Australia. Students who live in rural areas have different learning opportunities to that of urban based students, often having less access to amenities, resources and services, which can impact the level of education they receive. Teachers at rural schools face difficulties that often lead to less learning opportunities for their students. Smaller schools often equates to less teachers, therefore the
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