What We Don 't Know About Guns

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Academic Summary:
In the article, “What We Don’t Know About Guns,” by Ted Alcorn discusses the common denominator in most gun related accidents. Last year at least 278 children accidently fired a gun and injured or killed someone. We found that the main problem for this is irresponsible gun storage. According to surveys about 15% of gun owning households with children store their guns unlocked and loaded. It is tracked that about two-thirds of all the unintentional child shootings came from the those households. Alcorn states that nearly two-thirds of all gun related accidents happen in children’s homes where they are sure to feel safe. Furthermore many people get injured or killed every year because the leading cause of gun violence is irresponsible gun storage.
I believe the article, “What We Don’t Know About Guns,” by Ted Alcorn is mostly a credible article and good choice. The article does use lots of important and relevant facts but also uses forms of bias. The article is very useful towards my topic because it exemplifies great information towards the problem of gun violence. The research is current and the author is credible. It shows signs of potential bias because it only addresses a solution for one side of the problem. The solution it explores is having child access protection laws. These laws will basically hold the owner of the criminally liable if the gun winds up in a child’s hands. This article uses multiple examples of logos because it addresses…
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