What We Have Of The Terrarium : Abiotic Factors

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What we have in the terrarium: ABIOTIC FACTORS Leaves Water Bottle (with water) Soil/Potting mix Pebbles Banana Peels BIOTIC FACTORS Earthworms Snails Thin Jumping Spider Moss Succulent Who provided what: Leaves – School Water Bottle (with water) - Brooke Soil/Potting mix – Anna/School Pebbles – Alex Banana Peels – Alex Earthworms – Anna Snails – School Thin Jumping Spider – School Moss – Belle Succulent – Brooke My prediction is that after 2 weeks, the snails and spider will be dead since they don’t really have much food to feed off. The leaves will die, making the snails not eat it and the spider won’t have any food to feed off. The worms will last to the very end since the nutrients they need is provided in the soil and banana peel. The pebbles will help with drainage and water management. The soil/potting mix obviously will be the food and nutrients needed for the earthworms. Moss will help with the moisture and the banana peel will provided more nutrients into the soil, it will also be food for the earthworms as they also eat food scraps. The water bottle with two little holes at the bottom will provide them with

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