What We Need For Education

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Our life is rapidly changing, new technologies emerge everyday, machines do all the work, and degrees lost their credibility. That raises some big questions: “How do we prepare to adapt the future?” and “Can we stick to old school, or do we need to change? Encouraging the freedom of creativity or keep education as it is?”
Sir Ken Robinson in his speech presented his point of what we need for education “My contention is that creativity is as important in education as literacy, and we should treat it with the same status.” We are currently not valued creativity: “And my contention is all kids have tremendous talents. And we squander them, pretty ruthlessly.” He stated that children all have imagination. However, in our current education systems, people have grown up too afraid of being wrong because mistakes are stigmatized as if it is the worst thing you could do. Schools and parents don’t want their children to be what they want, instead, they must do something adults think is important: “Don’t do music, you’re not going to be a musician; don’t do art, you won’t be an artist”. And that has brutally killed creativity in our children. Machineries that give abundance have made degrees worthless. We don’t need as much human resources to keep track of records and calculation as we do in the past, computers is now faster and more reliable. What is important now is to preserve a child’s inborn ability that can make a difference in the world’s changing process, and to do what…
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