What We Should Consider: Should Technology Be Used in the Classrooms?

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Welcome to the Digital Age, where we choose not to benefit from the endless access to information within the reach of our fingertips provided by the technology we ourselves have worked hard to institute, and instead choose to obliterate our brains by redefining procrastination, losing our ability to think, and watching cat videos on YoutTube. It is foreseeable that the magnificent monster, technology, will consume society, (if it hasn’t done so already) which may have intense negative impacts on education. A question often asked by scholars is “how do we communicate with students today who have grown up with technology from the beginning?” (Source B) Quite frankly, the only way to keep the attention of those permanently damaged by…show more content…
If a teacher wants students to look up an article online, most of the students will not actually pull up the article but instead pull up a game or a social networking site and pretend to listen to what the teacher is saying. Students put more effort into pretending to listen to the teacher than they do actually trying to learn the curriculum. Schools are literally handing Pandora’s box to a bunch of adolescents and expecting them not to abuse it. Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it will be ignorant bliss that kills humanity.
“Modern life has fundamentally and paradoxically changed our sense of time. Even as we live longer, we seem to think shorter” (Source C) and the worst thing is that we simply learn to accept the problem rather than actually correcting it. We have a country running off soda pop and Ritalin and somehow our biggest concern is remaining more technologically advanced than Japan! If it’s our goal to be scholastically impaired, we are certainly on the right track but if we want to become an intelligent society again, we need to seriously reconsider the long-term results of forcing technologies into schools. It’s true that technology gives us access to useful things such as Google and social networking sites, but the fact that these cyber networks have become a necessity to millions of people is pitiful. We have grown grossly dependent on
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