What Went Wrong, Why T-Card System Failed

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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This report has been shaped to examine the reason of a failed T-card project initiated for automating Sydney’s transportation ticketing system, the objective of the system was to create a smart card that can be used with the CityRail, Sydney Busses, Sydney ferries service, trams and it will also bring all other private transport service providers into city’s integrated ticketing system (Anonymous, Tcard viewed on 24 sep 09). The contract was awarded to a Perth based ERG Group, child company ITSL (Integrated Ticketing Solutions Ltd.) in 2003. ERG Group has successfully completed Hong Kong, Singapore, London, Stockholm and many other big countries ticketing systems all over the world. In 2005 the system was tested…show more content…
2 T-Card Ticketing System T-Card Ticketing system signifies integrated contactless ticketing system using the RFID Technology. The ticketing system has to replace Sydney buses, Ferries, City Railway and Monorail services. It also includes all the private sector bus, rail and ferries operators as well. T-Card system was called off in 2008 after Minister of transport John Watkins announced project as a failure, (Case Study) he said the PTTC (Public Transport Ticketing Corporation) is now sure that ERG couldn’t complete the project and therefore left no other choice for the taxpayers and the government. In this regards the Government filed a case of AU$95 Million on ERG and ERG filed a case of AU$250 Million over the Government for illegally terminating the contract. 2. PROBLEMS IDENTIFICATION The contract of T-Card which was awarded to ERG in 2003 was one of the biggest contracts they have triumph, the others were London’s Oyster, Hong Kong’s Octopus, Singapore’s EZ-link, San Francisco’s TransLink and many more. ERG has a strong
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