What Went Wrong with Iridium

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1) When Iridium was initially conceived, what was the strategic vision? Was it inspiring? And what assumptions was it based on? This question is about what was Iridium’s direction for its ideas and the activities in developing the business goal(s) and strategic plan in accomplishing it. Furthermore, was it a stimulating idea? And what was the expectations of the vision and business strategy to succeed? The strategic vision of Iridium was to become a superior and new form of global communication via LEO networking. With the new system, the telecommunication network could overcome the limitations of current cable, satellite, and cell tower networks, to include; physical obstacles, geographical or geological terrain and barriers. This would be completed by large scale investment in new satellite innovation, and a sizable and sustaining research and development project(s). By completing the system, Iridium’s founders would become the new leaders in high-tech and sophisticated communications, on a global scale, that anyone could use and turn to. The project, while gaining as much uncertainty and negative coverage in the media, had national and multi-corporate attention in providing the multi-billion dollar investments, such as Motorola. The business assumed that the expanding market of telephone and telecommunication users would desire the service and product (handset), along with investment from multiple billion dollar sources, and precise time frame of completed/launched

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