What Were The Causes Of The Cold War

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What were the causes of the "Cold War" between America and the USSR? America and the USSR were all "superpower" in the world, in order to struggle for the global hegemony, the two countries and their allied countries took the fight, which lasted for decades.During that period,alough they had serious divergences and conflictions, they all tried their best to avoid the outbreak of the third World War, generally, they confronted with each other by partial war-by-proxy, science and technology, and armament race, space race, diplomacy race and other "cold" means, that was to say, kept within limits mutually, but without resorting to military force, therefore, it was called the "Cold War".[1]
[1]Baidu, the "Cold War", online http://wapbaike.baidu.com/subview/11198/11105329. The fundamental cause
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Nonethless, they all wanted to make a dent in each other until brought about the collapse of each other, so they used all means except military means, these included economic blockade, political supply, subversion and destruction, armament race and so on. Alough there was no the sound of the guns directly between the two groups, they were in a state of war actually Different from "Hot War" with real guns and bullets, this kind of state was called "Cold
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