What Were The Causes Of The Russian Revolution Essay examples

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Before the war.

Before the war, there were lots of problems

which led up to the revolution and we call them

the long term causes. The peasants working and

living conditions were very bad but the

government made it even worse by its own

policies. Russia needed to develop its industries,

so that it was a modern agricultural country

instead of a backward one and also to remain in

an important military power. To aid this dilemma

the government invested in enormous amounts of

money in improving Russia’s industries. Where

did most of this money come from? From the

pockets of the people in Russia!

To do this, the peasants had to pay huge taxes

not only on grain but on nearly all everyday items

such as alcohol and
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Politically, Russia was very unstable as the

people had lost a lot of respect for the

government and the Tzar. When the Tzar started

to use the Dumas people began to wonder

whether they would have any real power. By the

Dumas first meeting it was clear. They could not

pass laws, they could not appoint ministers and

they could not control finance in such important

areas as defence. Was there much point in them

if the Tzar did not like what they were doing or

proposing to do, he could dissolve them?? So, no.

In my opinion the peoples views were not being

heard through the Dumas. There are lots of

opinions as whether the Tzar was fit to rule

Russia. In my opinion, the Tzar was not fit to rule

Russia but this was by no means his own fault.

He was taught as a soldier and he was not taught

to act and behave like a king so it was his

statesmanship that was at fault, not him himself!!

The War.

The war did not only effect the army but the

people at home. Food was getting short, all the

male peasants had to be taken off to the army so

only women and invalids were left to tend the

farms, shops .etc. All the working trains were

being put to use for the war effort so food was

not getting through from other places. Nearly all

unnecessary factories in the cities were closed

so that furthed in another massive

unemployment. People were not getting coal and

wood to burn because the
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