What Were The Causes Of Westward Expansion And How Did

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What were the causes of westward expansion and how did the United States achieve Manifest Destiny? In 1803, the United States began westward Expansion by making the Louisiana Purchase under Thomas Jefferson. During Westward Expansion, the term “Manifest Destiny” was first used by a popular editor named John O’Sullivan. Manifest Destiny means clear or obvious fate or the belief the expansion of the United States was justified and destined to happen. The westward expansion in America impacted the whole nation as it showed that it was a very powerful country to be able to expand westward. It also shows how the United States can interpret and add to the Constitution. The United States itself needed more land for a bigger and larger…show more content…
The Louisiana Purchase was one of the most important parts of the United States’ Westward Expansion because it nearly doubled the size of the country. Before the purchase, Napoleon was looking to rebuild an empire in North America but a slave revolt in Saint Domingue led by Toussaint LOuverture in Saint Domingue left Napoleon deciding on whether to suppress the rebellion or establish an empire in the Americas. Napoleon ended up trying to control Saint Domingue because he thought it would be too difficult to control Louisiana with American territory blocking the way, and he rendered it useless and sold it to the United States. With the Louisiana Purchase came some controversy as the Federalists thought it was against the Constitution to acquire any territory, but Jefferson responded by saying he had the power to make treaties, and he believed he did just that. As the United States acquired Louisiana, they had an opportunity to gain more land and got closer to countries like Mexico and increased their border length with Canada. On March 2, 1836, The Republic of Texas declared independence from Mexico. This caught the attention of the United States as most of the population of Texas wanted to become a state. Whigs did not support the annexation of Texas as they believed it would lead to an imminent war with Mexico. Federalists thought the annexation of Texas would be a good idea as Texas at the time had a vast amount

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