What Were The Consequences Of The Cold War

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One cannot apprehend the consequences the Second World War had, that lead to the Cold War without having a look at the happenings and events during the war itself. The rivalry of influence between the Soviet Union and the United States during the Cold War is indubitable. In the aftermath of World War Two, the United States and the Soviet Union were already militarily and diplomatically engaged in Iran. Iran became the major theatre of ideological conflict between the great powers, these effects would deeply influence and shape Iran’s politics and history. In this essay, I intend to explore the effects the Cold War had on Iran’s politics, starting with the stance of Iran during World War 2 and ending with the Iranian Revolution that brought…show more content…
Various political parties demanded a role in his government such as the Tudeh party, an Iranian communist party formed in 1941 that wanted the government to take control and own the nation’s businesses and properties. Many groups also wanted foreign companies banned from Iran. Most Iranians opposed Great Britain. The British ran the largest oil facility in Iran and took advantage of it, Iranian oil flowed out of the country and British companies became rich from it whilst Iranians received little to no profit. In 1951, Iranians elected a man named Mohammad Mosaddeq as prime minister. The prime minister was the most powerful man in the government – even more powerful than the Shah himself. Mosaddeq vowed to nationalize Iranian oil and free Iran from foreign control by the West. When Mosaddeq tried to do so, the British claimed that he was stealing property. Along with the Soviet Union, the United States had come from World War Two as a superpower. When the British felt their personal interests in Iran were threatened, they asked the United States for help. The British argued that communists in Iran, supported by the Soviet Union were threatening to take over Iran and its valuable oil. President Eisenhower did not need any more
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