What Were The Consequences That Erupted After The Pact Between Hitler And Stalin?

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Introduction What were the consequences that erupted after the pact between Hitler and Stalin? The results of the pacts between Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin were betrayals and battles, which changed the course of the war. If not for the striking similarities between the two dictators, which led to their downfall, the Axis, Germany, Italy and Japan,would have had the opportunity to win the largest war in recent history; however, due to the occurrence of the betrayal on Hitler’s behalf, the war was turned in favor of the Allies, Great Britain, France and later on the Soviet Union..
The first pact written was referred to as the Nazi-Soviet Pact. The pact caught many off guard due to the fact that fascism was the style of government running Germany, while Russia had a communist form of government. The document had been written at the beginning of the war, August 22, 1939. The signing of the document was the signal that the war was going to begin. Negotiated by two foreign ministers, Joachim Von Ribbentrop and Vyacheslav Molotov, the countries came to an agreement, despite the opposing ideals and goals of each country. When the odds of the war were not in their favor, “they had a change of heart and joined forces” (Ross). The leaders put their mutual hatred and distrust for one another aside in order to form a mutually beneficial relationship between the countries. The Nazi-Soviet Pact addressed the course of action each country would take concerning Poland. Hitler

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