What Were The Problems Of South Africa Which Mandela Fought For?

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What were the problems in South Africa which Mandela fought for?
Don’t you think that black and white are two separate races that can be in peace as a country? Belonging means to be properly of a particular group. Generally most South Africans are black but there are some people with European or Asian backgrounds and of mixed race. During 1652 the first white colony was set by the Dutch and latter British settlers arrived. In 1815 Britain took over the Dutch colony and South Africa became part of the British Empire. While the country possessed gold and good farmlands it was rich but it was definitely not peaceful yet because the two races fought over land and there were wars between the Boars who were the Dutch farmers and the British.
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Why would you arrest the future president of South Africa? Along with Sisulu , Tambo and a few others Mandela formally joined the ANC which stands for the African National Congress to start his corer in politics. After he joined he was elected the National Secretory for the ANCYL and joined leadership in the ANC. Unfortunately racial segregation was introduced throughout the country by Herenigde National Parry (HNP) and in 1943 Mandela made his first exposure to mass of action. A total of 156 people including Nelson Mandela were arrested on a charge of “high treason and a countrywide conspiracy to use violence to overthrow the present government and replace it with a communist state ,” in December 1956 by the government. Unfortunately the penalty for high treason was death. In 1960 the South African government banned the ANC and the PAC under the Unlawful Organizations Act. On the 29 March 1961 the judges in the treason trial handed down a not guilty verdict after 16 years. On the 5th of August Mandela is arrested just out of Howick after the police receive a tip of from a CLA agent which is based in Durban. On the 7th of November for incitement and leaving the country without a password Mandela is sentenced to five years in prison. Police raided Lilliesleaf Farm in Rovonia arresting those they found there and uncovering paperwork documenting MK’S activates some of which mentioned Mandela. Almost the entire
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