What Were Your Significant New Learnings From The Staffing Activity?

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A. What were your significant new learnings from the staffing activity?
Response: The most significant was the varied revenue sources of funding, communication, and the planning involved incorporating teaching salaried positions. The range and types of state funding mechanisms are well established. The funds have been extensively studied with regard to their ability to provide equality of educational opportunity, equity, and adequacy. Thompson, D., Crampton, F., Wood. C. (2012)
This was a challenge of increased accountability. I had requested 4full-time kindergarten teachers to work half-time sessions. We had a strong experienced lead in our business manager Kelly. As the ‘Preschool/Kindergarten coordinator’ I was thinking in the terms of elementary, some of the team members planned in the area of middle school and high school.
I was looking at the school as one component ‘Preschool/Kindergarten.’ Thus learned quickly of the numerous components to consider for a schools financial and educational success. At the end of the discussions, it was agreed unanimously to make changes to a middle school servicing 478 K-4 Students feeding into two middle schools. 3 Full-time Kindergarten teacher and 1 full-time double session Art/Technology teacher. To save money on benefits.
B. How did the team consensus activity change your way of thinking about your own staffing recommendations?
Extremely, I went with what I was familiar with as a Head Start lead. The teachers working
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