Essay about What Were the Effects of the Vietnam War on United States?

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What were the effects of the Vietnam War on United States? Thomas Liao U.S. History Mr. Magill February 18, 2010 Word Count 2785 Table of Contents The Paper 3 Works Cited 12 From 1959 to 1975, America has been engaged in her longest and most disappointing war she has ever been in, the Vietnam War. The war heavily taxed the country’s patience and will of the government. There were several bad decisions which led to the ultimate defeat and retreat of U.S. The Vietnam War had a mostly negative impact on United States, by showing eventual failure of the American government, the collapse of U.S economy, and the loss of trust from the American People. There was political pressure. There were many presidents…show more content…
His rational to increase the Vietnam War effort was his own version of the Domino Theory, which basically the same as the original version, but with more aggression. Yelland summarized Johnson’s motive by this statement. “If you let a bully come into your front garden one day, the next day he’ll be up on your porch, and the day after that he’ll rape your wife in your own bed.” (Yelland). The military force bombed Vietnam without sympathy simply destroying anyone considered to be an enemy. Large villages with women and children were bombed and even temples and churches that were in “fire-free zones” were destroyed in the process. President Johnson’s popularity was at an all-time low and he publicly announced that he would not run for president for a second time (Zinn 474). Richard Nixon vowed to get United States out of Vietnam and with that promise; he won the election and became president in 1969. Nixon withdrew the majority of the troops back to the United States and by February 1972 there were 150,000 troops left in Vietnam. He trying to please the American citizens by solving their main problem that they had against the war. The problem was the fact that the American soldiers put their lives on the front lines in Vietnam. He was enforcing a policy he called Vietnamization which meant replacing American troops with Vietnamese troops (Zinn 474). However, during the spring of 1970, Nixon secretly approved the bombing of Cambodia

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