What Were the Two Greatest Sucesses and Failures of the Wilson Government

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What were the two greatest successes and two greatest failures of the Wilson government 1964-70?

This period of Labour rule is often marked down as a poor performance on behalf of the labour party, critically looked upon by many historians. There were many failings under the rule of this government however the circumstances they were placed in caused severe restraints in their options.

Wilson had been voted into government with the promise of central planning and “the white heat of new technology”, catching the mood of the moment, and making the public believe he was not just another old bumbling politician, but one who showed some promise in getting the country moving, and reinvigorating the lumbering economy. However when Wilson was
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Although disillusioned to the cause of the strike action Wilson still attempted to pull together an act that would limit the pull of the trade unions, and through Barbara Castle’s optimistically titled “in place of strife” it appeared that they may prevail against the vigilante controlling of the government; through relatively mild controls on their ability to resort to strike action. The act had popular support in the country as many people did not want to see their country being run by the trade unions. However inside the labour party the bill met much opposition and even with a majority of 100 it was clear that the bill would not get passed; the majority reason for which being that many labour party members believed, that with the economy in the state it was in, and the failure of the party to meet the measures promised in the manifesto, the working class were the last people they wanted to alienate, if they wished to run for re-election. In being too week at the time that the government needed to enforce stern measures they were humiliated by their leader having to slump back to the trade unions to sign a “solemn and

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