What Will Be The Polar Bear?

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Introduction What will be the fate of the polar bear? The polar bear is an important keystone predator in the Arctic and as such, their presence is crucial for controlling seal populations as well as offering a food source for other animals, like foxes.(Gunderson, 2009) This paper was done to offer some insight on the more current research done regarding the status and biology of polar bears as well as some basic information about them. Naming The polar bear is classified under the kingdom: Animalia, Phylum: Chordata, Subphylum: Vertebra, Class: Mammalia, Order: Carnivora, Family: Ursidae, Genus and species: Ursus maritimus. (Gunderson, 2009) Polar bears go by several names depending on where they 're seen. Some include the sea bear, Nanuk, ice bear, Isbjorn, white bear, Beliy medved, Lord of the Arctic and the old man in the fur cloak. (Polar Bear Facts and Information) The first person to name polar bears was Commander C.J. Phipps, an officer in the British Navy who penned the name in 1774. (Polar Bear Facts and Information, 2014) The polar bear is considered a marine mammal but they are not aquatic. Population Distribution Polar bears can be found in several continents including North America, Europe and Asia and Russia.(BBC, 2014) They live in the circumpolar areas in the north, mostly in Canada where about 60% of polar bears are found.(Polar Bear Facts and Information, 2014) Their limits depend largely on the placement and presence of the Arctic ice. Polar bears have
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