What Will Become Of Empathy A World Of Smart Machines?

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What Will Become of Empathy in a World of Smart Machines? Empathy, as defined by Google, is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. Before the rise of technology, empathy was seen in normal day human interaction, and even within pets and their owners. After the rise of technology though, the continuing question everyone is asking is, “Can machines feel the way humans do?”, or to relate it better to this passage, “Can machines be empathic?” With his background in technology and use of outside information, Nagy was able to explain his purpose of his essay effetely to his audience. Just by scrolling to the bottom of the article, one can learn that Colin Nagy is the executive director at “The Barbarian Group”. After doing a small web search, anyone can see that The Barbarian Group is a company that is in the business to make technology awesome and create software that people will love. This shows that Nagy would have to have a great deal of technical background to be the executive director of a business such as this one. By knowing this bit of information, it gives the writer more credit and makes the reader feel safer about reading this article and believing the information that is shown. No one wants to read an article written by someone who has no idea about the information he or she is writing about, so for Nagy to know and have background knowledge of technology, he is going to attract more attention to his article and get more recognition for not…

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