What Will I Do When I Graduate High School?

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"What will I do when I graduate high school?”; that 's a common question that many people ask themselves, however, not many know the answer. Some people don 't continue their education for a range of different reasons; for some, it 's an issue of money, fear, or flat out laziness. All through my high school career, in my mind, going to college was a no-brainier. For me, seeking higher education is more than just a stepping stone to a career; it is another way to develop a better self worth and where I can learn how to take charge of my life. As with many other things, it can come with a plethora of pros and cons, but the outcome is well worth the grueling and tedious work put in. Facing a variety of problems that may occur inside and outside of the classroom and knowing how to handle them will be crucial in my future. Learning to work with people from all walks of life gives me a much broader and open-minded view of the world. Since I will be spending a substantial amount of time educating myself about a specific career, it has to be something I utterly enjoy.

Everyday a person is faced with problems that may be too complex to solve in a given time and place. Often times without proper planning or adequate training to develop the traits necessary to complete the task at hand, the obstacle remains. A good problem solver can clearly see what 's wrong and and carefully plans out a way to rectify the situation. Throughout my years I’ve learned that many of these…
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