What Will The Future Foretell For This New Reading Method? Essay

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It is not a stretch to say that a novels original essence could be obliterated from our future society. Truly, do physical manifestations of books have any business being in a world full of self flying cars and internet supremacy? Could they stare down the fierce competition from online music and movie streaming services? Perchance books will find themselves in the most unusual of places. "Eventually they could join the ranks of clay tablets and scrolls displayed in collectors’ glass cases with other curious items of the distant past"(Nuwer, 2016). While printed copies of books enter in the spiral of doom, electronic books are climbing up the stairs of success. Question is, what will the future foretell for this new reading method? Society seems to be filled with people who want things instantly, no one likes having to wait for the internet to load or for a cup of coffee. Henceforth, books are going to be accessible anytime and anywhere. Lets face it, with that conundrum, bookstores in the future are going to be as trendy as bell bottom pants. There will be no need to wander down countless of aisles when with a simple swipe of a screen, an entire collection of ebooks is splayed out right beneath one 's fingertips. Regardless, the On Demand Company has basically engineered a book vending machine(EBM Technology, 2015). Incredible hardware, a machine that prints books on command, except for the fact that it would be hardly glanced at in a society where paper
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