What Would The Financial And Development Plan Look Like?

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What would the financial and development plan look like? While answering the last question, Bennet Woods stated that one of the first things that we needed to do was to formulate a strategy and an immediate one that would emerge and help in evaluating all the assets that the congregation had. This could be divided into two categories, the physical assets of property and the assets of members of the congregation. This would refers to what their gifts and graces would on a personal level and how that could help the church ministry. This being said, we would know from the case study the size of the building and when it was last renovated but we would need to be checking in to make sure that there was not anything that could…show more content…
We would obtain this information through various avenues. The size of the congregation and the number in our team would be beneficial because there would not be too many congregants, while there would be enough staff that we could break up, who would tackle all the congregation at once or, we could break them up and assign a few members of our team to interview all the congregants either through home visits or meals with the congregants. The congregants’ interviews would be two fold, to first ask them what they thought about strengths of the congregation and, what they thought the congregation could bring to the community. The second would be getting to know the congregants on an individual basis so that we could ascertain their level of involvement, their gifts and graces. Another avenue to find these things could be a survey similar to what I have seen it in some congregations. Bennet stated that it be volunteering with different ideas, for new ministries and, seeing what people would be willing to help with. Not only would we use these forms and interviews to find out what they would be willing to help with, but more important would be to learn what they would be in need of. We would need to remember that a congregation would be at the top of priorities and so there ought to be
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