What Would The World Be Like If Guns Were Banned?

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What would the world be like if guns were banned? Would chaos break out, or would the United States have peace? The Second Amendment grants U.S. Citizens the right to keep and bear arms. While some people believe banning guns will make the world safer, others believe the world will only be in more danger. Prohibition did not work for alcohol and drugs, so why would it work for guns? Guns should not be banned because crime rate would increase, people need guns for self-defense, and it will eliminate some of the citizens’ rights. One of the main topics concerning gun control is crime rate. Crime rate could increase if guns are banned. It is so easy for criminals to get their hands on guns, whether they are illegal or not. Guns are not the problem in the country, it is the person with the weapon. It does not matter how much the government regulates gun control, they cannot regulate the people. Banning guns will not stop crime rate from going up. The U.S. has an estimated amount of 220+ million guns and machine tools, so criminals can easily make their own weapons (“Will You Be”). The United States will only be in more trouble if guns are banned. Banning guns does not mean criminals will automatically stop what they are doing. Most criminals illegally make and buy their own weapons, anyway. Most of the crimes committed are not with the use of a gun. Many are used with different types of weapons or tools. “Getting rid of guns does not get rid of violence. Some people think that

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