What Would You Consider to Be the Advantages and Disadvantages of the ‘Information Society’ to Which We Belong?

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Introduction In many societies today, evidence exists of an increase in information that has opened a floodgate of knowledge, thereby putting a dent into human ignorance and significantly changing various aspects of life including education, communication, business and societal living. It is this prevalence of information that has led to the birth of what theoreticians refer to as the ‘information society’. It is not known exactly when the information society came into being, but it is believed that originated in Japan in 1964 according to (Duff, 1996 p. 119). Moreover, (Martin, 1995 p. 2) also notes that Masuda, one of its founders came to the realization that “the making of information values became the formative force for the…show more content…
He explains that the noun ‘information’ has two basic meanings: (1) the telling of something or (2) that which is told. These, he asserts, are either analogies and metaphors or concoction from the condoned appropriation of a word that had not been meant by earlier users. Another objection to ‘information-as-thing’ is proffered by Fairthorne (1954). He notes that, “Information is an attribute of the receiver’s knowledge and interpretation of the signal, neither of the sender’s nor some omniscient observer’s nor of the signal itself.” Nevertheless, he accedes that the language is as it is used, and as such one cannot dismiss “information-as-thing” so long as it is a commonly used meaning of the term “information”. The very nature of the objection would seem to confirm the observation that the word, ‘information’ is not without ambiguity. In addition to the foregoing definitions of the word information, another insight is that which is entered into the sixth edition of Harrods Librarians’ Glossary, which states that information is “an assemblage of data in a comprehensive form, recorded on paper or some other medium and capable of communication.” On the other hand, The Standard Dictionary of Computers and Information Processing renders it as “the meaning assigned to data by known

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