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What would you do if you were in the position in which one of your loved ones decided to resort to euthanasia? Would you support their decision? There is a great deal of controversy surrounding the topic of euthanasia. Is it moral or is it immoral? Should it be legal or illegal? In order to form a solid opinion on any topic, you must first be well informed. Euthanasia is the painless and intentional killing of a patient suffering from a terminal illness in order to relieve them. There are several different types of euthanasia, all holding separate ethical views in society. In general, people aged around 18-34 show the most support for euthanasia (gallup.com). There are five different classifications of euthanasia. These are active…show more content…
These three methods are harshly looked down upon, whereas non voluntary euthanasia, passive euthanasia, and voluntary euthanasia are not. In the majority of countries, the practice of euthanasia is illegal. The only countries where a medical professional can end a patients life are Belgium, Holland, and Luxembourg. In these countries, the most common method to do so is to give the patient an overdose of muscle relaxants, resulting in a coma followed by death. Although these countries allow euthanasia, there are specific guidelines that must be followed in order to medically put a patient down. The person receiving the treatment must have voluntarily requested the treatment, be in a stable state of mind, and should be experiencing unbearable pain and suffering with no chance of recovery. Only after meeting these three essential criteria, a patient will be allowed end their life. These laws for euthanasia are very clear and articulated, but that is not the case for other places, such as Germany, Switzerland, Mexico, and five American states. The laws for euthanasia in these areas are not very clear, with voluntary euthanasia considered illegal, but passive euthanasia legal. There are various different classifications of euthanasia, all seen in differently. Different countries have different laws and regulations regarding medically assisted suicide. Some countries legalize it while others only legalize certain types of it. Different people have opposing

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