What Would You Talk About, And Why?

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Prompt: Imagine you are at SUA, and you’re invited to give a lecture to all the students and faculty. What would you talk about, and why?

Every day the way that people think and act are constantly being challenged and transformed. In some cases this occurs when individuals begin to question the way that they think and act and the reasons why. If I were to give a lecture, the topic would be on this. It would be based upon the ways that psychology can alter itself; the ways that it changes people 's thoughts and actions. In life, there are so few times where people stop and think about the way they live. However, when one does so, it can not only take them by surprise but also change their perceptions of both themselves and the world. This kind of self-reflection is necessary to improve the life condition of not only the individual but those around them as well. If one goes through life blind to their own nature, they’ll never get to open their eyes to the possibilities within themselves and the world. In my lecture I would start off by acknowledging some notable concepts of psychology. For one, there’s the ever popular debate of nature versus nurture and the role they play in making a person who they are. It’s the question of: how much of one’s personality and actions are based in their DNA and how much are a result of their experiences in life. When one starts asking themselves this question, it opens up new ways to consider the world and even

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