What You Are Being Bullied

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What To Do If You are Being Bullied I can’t be late! You’re running to class. I can’t be late! You think to yourself. You are so busing think of shortcuts to the school to get to class faster that you don’t see the gigantic black wall in your way. Thump! You hit the black wall so hard you go flying backwards. Then you realize it’s not a wall it’s a kid. A big kid. The school bully. “I’m so sorr-” you try to apologize but he cuts you off. “Hey nerd, WHY DID YOU RUN INTO ME YOU IDIOT? HUH? WHY? YOU OWN ME NOOGIES, SWIRLIES, AND LUNCH MONEY FOR THE REST OF THE YEAR! THAT WILL TEACH YOU TO NOT TO MESS WITH ME AGAIN!” He yells. Then he storms off. Bullying can happen anywhere anytime on anything. Now with more technology means it’s easier for…show more content…
Concentrate on something else. Try thinking about what you’ll do next weekend, counting to 100, or planning your homework. Have a saying or a statement that you can repeat in your head when the bully approaches you to block out a sense of fear.” Here are some more ways to ignore the bully from wikihow.com “Act like you don 't hear them speaking. Most bullying is emotional or verbal. If this happens, don 't try to come up with a snappy retort. Ignore the scathing remarks that you want to say.Think of something else to ignore what they say. They will do anything to get a response out of you, but you have to act like you don 't hear them. Try running through your favorite song, remembering your family 's birthdays, or saying the alphabet backwards.” and “Keep any contact with them to a minimum. It 's a nightmare if you have to spend time with them (for example if you are paired up in class, or if your moms are friends). In this case, make an excuse to get out of it, or talk to a superior. Tell your mom that you don 't want to see him/her, or ask the teacher if you can change partners. Make sure that you explain why! You can even talk to a guidance counselor about getting your schedule changed so your share little to no classes with them.” Even though you are being bullied it doesn’t mean you have to go through it alone, lean on your family, friends, and your loved ones for help, it will
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