What You Don 't Know About Ronald Reagan And Oxygen

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While flipping idly through any magazine that can be picked off the rack, people are inundated with multiple ads. Each advertisement loudly clamors for the attention of its “target audience”, the people that will buy whatever product or service being sold. Unless you are willing to become a hermit to avoid advertising, manufacturers and their advertisements will target Americans to sell products that not everyone wants or needs. As a society, Americans are overexposed to advertisements and subsequently become inoculated against the usage of logic, unable or unwilling to perceive when an advertisements contain inaccurate or false information. Mother Earth News, a niche magazine for survivalists, hobby farmers, and homesteaders, ran a half-page advertisement tucked faraway in the back June/July 2015 issue, on page 85 of 97, titled in bold letters “What You Don’t Know About RONALD REAGAN and OXYGEN…Unless You’re One of Our Customers!” A blue bar across the top of the advertisement, above the title, shouts “www.WaterCuresAnything.com/RonaldReaganStory” in white lettering. Former President Ronald Reagan serenely smiles from a picture centered below the title, and the picture rests on top of a box outlined in blue. While the text inside the box reads “Ronald Reagan had to go to Germany to get a treatment he needed that was not available in the U.S.A. Right, the John Ellis water distiller can turn tap water into “miracle water.””, there are no other visible pictures. A yellow bar

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