“What You Eat Is Your Business” reflection

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“What You Eat Is Your Business” reflection The common thought of most Americans living in the United States that it is the greatest country on planet earth, and second is not even close. They believe this notion because of the freedoms this great nation was founded on: The freedom of religion, the freedom of speech, the freedom of assembly. These freedoms turn into more simplistic generalities that are assumed and exercised by Americans daily, such as the freedom of choice. Although the freedom of choice is a right given to us at birth, it is a right that the federal government of the greatest nation on earth is slowly starting to rescind. Lets take health care for example, or most specifically, obesity. Law makers are slowing starting to…show more content…
I would go to school, come home, eat, and play my video games. I constantly ate McDonalds and other junk foods. I never thought the problem was me, when indeed it was. It was easy for me to blame someone or something else. It was McDonalds fault for making their food so unhealthy, it was the governments fault for not regulating the industry and so on and so forth. Even if those outlets were to blame, I was the only one that could fix the problem, and it is that understanding that turned my life around. Heading into senior year of high school, I was pushing 280 pounds. Now I am down to 225 pounds, and still ticking down. You see, all these regulations did not help me lose my weight and change the man I am, it was me. I had to engage in the concept that I would be the only person that could fix the problem, and when I accepted that fact, my life did a 180 degree turn. Many share the same problems I once experienced, and it is these problems that force them to seek out scapegoats. These people have gone to politicians to try to get the issues resolved. President Bush jumped on board for this movement, and signed on a 200 million dollar bill to implement anti-obesity measures (396). These same politicians are slowly forcing these obesity issues into the public sphere of health. It is becoming the governments issue to make you healthier, not yours. When the government comes between you and your waist line, there are more issues then that are being addressed.

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