What You Want Your Favorite Server / Barista / Food Artist

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It doesn’t matter whether you are into sushi, artisanal wood fired pizza, or takeout Peruvian food, when your order isn’t right it’s a bad thing. Picture yourself for a moment as an avid foodie or chow hound at their favorite place to nosh. You stand in line behind others who cannot make their minds up even when they have eaten food from that particular corner eatery or curbside bistro a million times (just like you). You know what you want. Your favorite server/barista/food artist behind the counter who knows your name and order by heart knows what you want. Yet you stand there, trapped in slow motion while the man or woman in front of you keeps changing their mind. Again...and again...and again. So, perhaps too many experiences like this have left you thinking “I should so telephone that place next time and get my order in, then go pick it up.” Great idea. Very responsible and forward thinking of you. Congratulations on your most excellent and superior adulting. Go ahead and order that extra appetizer. You’re worth it. Everything is going well, and you are still optimistic...right up until you call the number of your favorite spot and discover their Magical Land of Hold. The Magical Land of Hold is an inescapable limbo-esque nether-realm where you can wait any amount of time for a rushed and hurried kitchen or wait staff member to hastily scrawl down your order, and then pray everything is right and to your taste when you drop by to pick up your order. Worst of all,

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