What Your Employees Do? Essay

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KNOW WHAT YOUR EMPLOYEES DO You must know what your employees do to in order to command respect and manage effectively. Most managers are not aware of the specific details of an employee workday. Employees know this and become disengaged when they have to continually explain their actions and justify improvement requests. In order to fully understand their frustrations and challenges, you must sit with them and observe workflow. When you spend time in their shoes, you will have a reference point for their concerns and be more in tune and empathic to their needs. Insight into their daily nuances will build comradely and fosters a team environment. Great managers go into the trenches and get their hands dirty. BE PROACTIVE NOT REACTIVE Reactive managers tend to think that a main component of their job is the timely resolution of problems, and spend most of their time putting out fires instead of identifying the root cause. They do not weigh all sides an issue before proceeding, and are more focused on the timeliness of their response rather than the effectiveness. Rash decisions replace logical resolution. Haphazard responses result in more work down the road. Proactive managers focus their attention on the big picture. They initiate action and prevent problems from occurring. They are resilient, lead with confidence and are prepared when unexpected events occur. Employees admire and respect this kind of leadership, because it encourages an anticipatory
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