What Your Family May Have Looked Like during Various Periods in Time

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The family portrait that hangs on your living room wall says more about you than you think. With each snapshot of your loved ones comes a snapshot of history, illustrating the continuously evolving components that make up "The American Family." Here's what your family may have looked like at different periods of time. 1810s: You lived on a 75-acre farm with both of your parents and 3 or 4 siblings, but when asked how many children your mother has had, you would say 6, counting those who died at birth or from disease in early childhood. Your family worked together to grow their own food, make their own furniture, and spin their own cloth, though chores would be divided by age and gender. During downtime, you would pick fruit, play cards, or play a musical instrument. 1890s: You lived in a very large house in the suburbs that was separated into apartments and shared by multiple families. You lived with both of your parents, several siblings, and sometimes temporary tenants who paid your family rent. Your father would go to work at a print shop or factory while your mother stayed home and took care of household chores. You would spend your evenings looking through your stereoscope at 3-D pictures. 1920s: You lived in New York City, Chicago or Philadelphia. Your parents married more for love than for economic reasons and were friends in addition to being husband and wife. Your father would go to work at the factory while your mother would take care of the home, leaving
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