What Your Mind Can Conceive Your Body Can Achieve

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"What Your Mind Can Conceive Your Body Can Achieve" Did it ever occur to you, just even once in your life that you feel contented with what and who you are at the moment? I mean, a time when there's nothing you need or want to add up with what you have? A time when you'd just lay back on your chair and let time pass you by? A time when nothing seems to go wrong and everything's going your way? And what's best of it is you feel like things are so perfect that you'd never worry about what's going to happen next. Well, I think most of you who are reading this will probably think it's impossible or maybe you would lose interest in what I have to say. And you'd probably stop reading. But something keeps you going. I mean, look at you, you're…show more content…
We only have one life to live, don't waste your time in that office of yours, or in the house watching movies or playing the computer. Go outside. Go with friends. Go to church. Discover more to what life has to give. And live everyday to the fullest, coz who knows, it may be your last. And right now, I want you to think again about that thing you really want. And think really hard about it. Is it really what you want? Coz if it is, I want you to close your eyes, then think of that something, someone or event that you want, visualize it, and embrace it. Never give up to what makes you happy. We must learn to get up, set goals and reach those dreams. Coz in this life, nothing is impossible. If you just learn to believe, you can have anything. And if you believe that you can achieve this so called "desires" of your heart, then you will. As you go through it, you'd develop an attitude of working hard, striving and doing everything for that desire. And soon, you'll have a feeling of being contented to the person you are right now. Where nothing seems to be a hindrance and nothing can pull you down. Just enjoy the life that has been given to you. All I want you is to understand is this thought, "would you rather live a life where your dreams are impossible to be reality? Or have a life where reality is better than your

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