What a Star-What a Jerk

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What a star-What a Jerk Submitted By: Group No: 3 Sec: B Group Members: 2012066: Ankit Jhunjhunwala 2012071: Anshul Chaudhary 2012077: Ashish Dhar 2012083: Avisha Shukla 2012090: Anubha Bhatnagar 2012108: Dhilon Priyadarshi Dash Submitted To: Dr. Saleena Khan Introduction ‘What a star, What a Jerk’ is a Harvard Business review case study which deals with the basic human attributes of attitude and behaviour and the closely intertwined connection among the two. The case tries to highlight one of the most common issues faced by organisations, that is, how to handle a star performer who has a rash and bullying attitude towards others in an organisation. The basic and the most important managerial roles…show more content…
Pros: * Andy may open up with other employees, which may lead to change in his attitude. * By creating a competitive environment this may lead to motivating other employees. Cons: * May make Andy more grandiose about himself. * Initially it may demotivate other employees by the appreciation of the rudest employee. * It may look like unfair to praise the most ill behaved personality, just because he is a performer. 4. Initiative needed on Jane’s part. Jane should tell Andy that a positive and a healthy work environment is one of the most important aspects of their organization, and his numbers are not sufficient to tag him as their star employee. Moreover Jane should realise herself that “managing people” is what is expected of an efficient manager. Pros: * Being an effective manager will help Jane give more inputs to an organisation as an effective manager. * The productivity of Jane’s team and herself will improve if she learns how to handle people better. Cons: * Andy might feel that he is being targeted. * His performance may get affected due to the demotivation that may come along with Jane’s attitude towards him. The Best Solution: In this scenario, we as a group propose the fourth solution as the best possible one according to which it is Jane herself who has to take an initiative and confront Andy directly stating him clearly what kind of
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