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As a team leader, Jane has already touched based with her group and recognized everybody’s role: Tom is “the joker,” Jack is “the intellectual,” Caroline is “the mom” and Andy is “the top performer and troublemaker.” She understands that all of them are high-paid employees and have been working as a group for a while, at least much longer than she has. As far as the performance, Jane believes that they are high performers and make up a very interesting and strong group; although there is no evidence of it since the company has been trying to keep the top 80% of employees, so all the members but Andy could be still working because the management like them and also be considered as average performers or even lower-level. What is true and…show more content…
Nonetheless, her team is still being taken care of by itself, assuming the same roles, getting the same outcomes, and not finding a truly leader’s identity and team’s solution on her. Instead an invisible and bully leader: Andy. The message she’s been transmitting to them is fade and not strong enough. She has treated Andy with a very soft style in each opportunity, and he seems to be really stronger and smarter than her. Being the highest performer, has he perhaps been waiting to get promoted and take the leader position before and now he became crazy for Jane’s hiring? The reality is that everybody talks about Andy’s intellectual skills. With the best numbers in the company, he has to be anyhow good at people skills and completely nice with clients –out of the organization–, doesn’t he? He can be also a good “performance reference” for the rest of the team, and sure Jane has realized that (she has mentioned everybody’s mistakes to her advisor and reaffirmed Andy’s position about those), so she should think of this to help things work out. Talent is a moving target and is not completely fixed, it depends on a person’s motivation and experience, and how a person is managed or led. For the group’s health, she has to come out with a firm reaction about all this as soon as possible, coaching Tom, Jack and Caroline in order to increase their performance (goals and feedback and identification of training needs) and working on

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