What are Benefit Corporations?

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“Why B Corps Matter.”) . Designed for profit companies that want to consider their impact on society in addition to making a profit, B Corporations aim to “redefine success in business” (B Lab, 2014. “Why B Corps Matter.”). Whereas a traditional corporation has a goal to generate as much revenue and profit as possible, Benefit Corporations also work to create general public benefit and thus make it their responsibility to satisfy all stakeholders, not just shareholders. Because of their desire to benefit all their stakeholders, B Corporations work to create higher quality jobs and improve life in communities by becoming an agent for of change in passing legislation and investing capital to make a difference in the world. Besides being accountable to all stakeholders, B Corporations are more transparent than that of traditional corporations as they are required to annually issue a report to the public, assessing their overall financial and environmental performance against a quoted threshold known as the B Impact Assessment. In acting socially responsible as a mission rather than an option for businesses, Benefit Corporations are working to transform revolutionize the way business is conducted.
There are two types of Benefit…
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