What are Browsers?

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It is a software application that request web page from a remote server, download them and then show them onto your computer screen. User needs to request browser what website or specific webpage to be viewed. The browser address bar is one way that view pages what users request. Users need to type web address or URL into the browser's address bar and it tells the browser where to obtain that page from.

Here are some examples of browsers: Firefox, Google chrome, safari, and most commonly internet explorer.

Web servers:
A web server is a hardware device which is used to host an ecommerce website. All the files such as html, databases and image files are stored on the server. Web servers can also run on a windows or Linux operating system and use web server software to manage access requests to the website. This server also has powerful processor and more memory. Most companies when they wants to host an ecommerce website are able to maintain the site on their own web server or they can pay a hosting company to provide space on a secure web server that hosts the site.

Web authoring tools:
A web authoring tools are software which is used to create web pages in a desktop publishing format. The software will create the required HTML coding for the layout of the WebPages based on what the user designs on the web page. Even without the knowledge of coding, it is possible that users can…
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