What are Nano Structured Magnetic Materials

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Nano structured magnetic materials, CoFe2O4 and CoCr0.9Fe1.1O4 were prepared using the Citrate-gel chemical synthesis with a crystallite size of 6.5nm and 10.7nm respectively. Structural characterization was done by X-ray diffraction analysis and magnetic properties were studied using Vibrating Sample Magnetometer (VSM). Magnetization measurements as a function of field ±10T at temperatures 5K, 25K, 310K and FC/ZFC magnetization measurements under a field of 100 Oe for a temperature ranging from 5K-400K were studied. The blocking temperature (Tb) for both the ferrites was resulted at around 355K. Below blocking temperature they showed ferromagnetic behavior and above, superparamagnetic behavior that favors their application in the biomedical field. The substitution of Cr3+ ions for Fe3+ ions has resulted in a decrease in magnetization and the coercivity of the samples. CoCr0.9Fe1.1O4 nano ferrites with low coercivity of 338 Oe make them desirable in high frequency transformers due to their very soft magnetic behavior. Keywords: A. Nano structures, A. Magnetic materials, B. Chemical synthesis, C. X-ray diffraction, D. Magnetic properties. 1. Introduction Nano structured magnetic materials have been the interest of the researchers in recent years due to their remarkable properties compared to their bulk counterpart. Among these, magnetic spinel nano Ferrites (MFe2O4) are of great importance as they exhibit novel properties that largely differ from the bulk counterparts due

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